Monday, December 5, 2011


I feel like the woman in the front and would like to feel like the lady in back.
Why did no one remind me how much a PAIN it is to move? We have gotten so much done but have SO much still to do. I just want to get settled so I can get back to work.

The reality is I have 2 solo shows and very little work for them done. EEK.
So the mission this week is to get as settled as possible so that the studio can be UP and running next week.

So most likely this week will mostly be links to awesome things instead of my own take on awesome things. But hey either way you get to see awesome things right?
Fingers and toes crossed a sense of normalcy will return next week....

1 comment:

MarieE said...

have you already said where you're moving to? Hope you get settled soon.