Thursday, December 15, 2011

life as an artist?

So I finally got to work, like really work in my studio yesterday. Life is settled enough that I can ignore most of what I need to do in my house and such until the weekend so that I can dive into work each day a little bit. I have mostly been working on this piece as it is small and portable so in the past few weeks was about the only thing I could manage.

But yesterday I started on 2 new text pieces for my TAC solo show and this weekend will be taking some images to get the 2 larger pieces drawn out soon. I am really excited about this turn for the work and am looking forward to mostly working with black and white something I have never done in my stitching. That color palette really works for the energy of the exhibit so hopefully I like it. (no worries also working on Sleepers but this show is a little further away so less my focus.)

It was interesting one of my long time readers mentioned that she lived in the area and said I'm a mama to THREE and I still make art! If people ask me what I do - first thing - I'm an artist. this immediately made me think of the moment last week when I signed up for a local moms group thing so that I could maybe meet mama's in the area and they asked for a little bio so I wrote:
I am a full time artist and mama to my son. I make.....
and then after reading through a few of the other mothers bio's I realized that they all introduced themselves in relationship to their child first. I thought it was funny as when I saw bio I introduced myself as what I am, separate from T.
this weekend I had coffee in Manhattan with the amazing artist Jane, who was visiting the city for the week, and we talked about how we never are not artists, we never can turn our brain off, we never have a day without thinking about our practice, we will never retire, and we will always be an artist first. So really that ramble was just to say that it is such an intersting and weird ride in life to be an artist but such a wonderful one.


Flying Haystacks said...

I've always thought that the one good thing about being an artist is that I will never stop doing it. I'll do it for as long as I can move.
It's not like a job. It's part of me.

Joetta M. said...

indeed, part of who you are the blessing and the challenge. But so true there is never any removing of it:)