Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ahhhhh, that is my sigh of relief. Besides my little man my house is currently empty and now I am in a state of catch-up. I have a mass of neglected emails and invoices to send out as well as work that needs shipped. So as much as I would like to be spending some time today stitching I feel as if the "studio house" needs cleaned up so that I can clear my to do list a bit and focus more tomorrow.

I may work a bit on this piece. I already did the female hand that is half of this work and now need to do this male hand. I finished 2 of my commissioned works and will be washing, ironing, and photographing them today too. Then I have about a million applications and deadlines to look at. There are some great opportunities right now that I want to try to be a part of so I need to attend to all that as well.

But again, ahhhhhhhh, to have my house to myself for a week. (then yes believe it or not MORE house guests.)

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