Wednesday, April 4, 2012

routine return.

Today is feeling better. My house guest helped me get an awesome image taken of C and I for a piece I want to make for my Brooklyn show so I am super excited to get started on that next week.

And I am so looking forward to an almost empty house tomorrow when I return to a sense of routine. I love having people visit and see the little man but I am also a slave to my routine and feel all out of sorts when I am not able to be in it for too long. I love my normal day to day and really look forward to some time in the studio and no running around.

I will be busy working to finish a commissioned piece and then hopefully getting some linens to ready to draw on this weekend for new pieces.

How are things in your studio?


Bonnie said...

Joetta, I'm glad things are better. We all have our Days of Despondency.

Things have been going well in my studio thanks to your call for entries to the Small Stories show. I have been working on a piece to submit just for this show. It requires me to add something to it every day for 30 days, and it will be done this Friday! Then, I'll just need to get some good photos of it.

Working in my studio every day, even if only for a half hour, feels much better than sitting around lamenting how little time I have (which I am really expert at).

Joetta M. said...

thanks for your kind words, And your project sounds so interesting I cannot wait to see your submission:)