Tuesday, April 17, 2012

so much to see and love...

I am so glad that the TAC blog recently featured the french artist Elodie Antoine. Her work deals with space, the home, relationships and fabric.

I really enjoy her approach to talking about space in installation the most. Her replication of familiar and nostalgic aspects of a home from crown moldings to shag carpets hit home for me. The minimal but familiar nature of the materials is really successful. And surprisingly for me, I tend to like her least narrative works the best as their ambiguity really allows me to have a personal experience to her installations.

I also am drawn to her relatively expansive amount of work that deals with chairs, she makes them no longer usable in provocative ways that make me question ideas of comfort, support and feeling safe.

As a mother I cannot help but love this series dealing with pregnancy.

As a bed addict I like seeing this piece and am intrigued to see the same type of image I would work from done in such an entirely different way. I am currently working on a aerial view of a couple and seeing this work makes me eager to see how mine turns out.

And her unbelievably gorgeous lace drawings are just well gorgeous...

Read the TAC post here see a lot more work at Elodie's website. Sadly everything is in french. I wish I could read the text as I would love to know more about here approach.


dawn said...

It isn't fair when one person is so talented! Love her work, especially the lace drawings.

Joetta M. said...

yes, she is one talented lady!!!