Monday, April 23, 2012

"out of the closet"

I am loving these paintings of everyday clothing by artist Laura Craig McNellis. The simple and strong mark making. The playful way of adding color. The images are life-size paintings and drawings.

To me the press release for her current show at Ricco/Maresca Gallery in NYC says it all:

“Out of the Closet,” an exhibition of life-size paper and paint cut-outs of clothing by Laura Craig McNellis. McNellis’s record of everyday life, whether it focuses on clothes, tables of food and drink, buildings, or events, invites us to admire the significant beauty of a day’s details. Looking at McNellis’s work, we allow ourselves to take pleasure in daily events often ignored, and recognize each day’s minutiae as ritual, rather than rote. Her paintings are intimate, revealing with joy the role these objects play in composing our lives.

I love the work and the directness of it. I look forward to seeing the show next week when I head to Chelsea. Here is an article about the artist and her stuggle with autism.

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