Monday, April 16, 2012

mark made.

I am compelled by the quilt and mixed media works of Jette Clover. Since I live the quality of paper, hand writing, text, and fiber the work is an obvious interest to me since it combines all of these things.

As far as quilts go I think it is a refreshing, contemporary and personal approach to the medium.

I do think the approach, ideas, and palette could be pushed much further. And it seems the artist perhaps agrees since each new series is more successful. I would be intrigued to see scale pushed, one way or the other, and a letting go of in the color palate of the work.

They write this about their work:
The text in my pieces is not meant to be read, but to be seen as representing the very human need for making marks, stating 'I Was Here' - from writing letters and diaries to scratching on a rock or spray-painting an abandoned building.

That human need we all have to make marks. Make a mark today. See many more works here.

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