Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This weekend the exhibit (re)threads that included my work opened. Sadly there was no way that I could make it to the opening but am happy to see some images online. All of the 4 artists utilize fiber in some way to explore their own identities as woman and their relationship to the history of women.


Elizabeth Switzer the curator makes lovely embroideries about the body and relationships. I love this peak into a new series of hers. (bummer that her website is currently down.)

Lily Booth's work seems to explore ideas of body image.

Elizabeth Emery makes very intriguing sculptures that combine soft materials with hard. Exploring their connections as a way to explore our own connections. Often her sculptures have a precariousness that is essential to their success. I really like her work though already know that I want to see it larger. You can see more here.

If you are interested go see the show it is up all month.

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