Monday, April 16, 2012

Please forgive my lack of attention to the blog lately. I have been beyond overwhelmed with deadlines, looking for jobs (ECK), and personal stuff. I have been so overwhelmed that very little of my studio work has progressed this entire past week. But I am trying to just let it go and be present. The ever present challenge of life.

But with that all said things are going, if slowly, going in the studio. Ideas are percolating, exciting opportunities brewing, and stitches being made.

I am loving seeing the submissions for small stories trickle in but I need more awesome work. So send, send, send. I would love some submissions of larger works for the window. This will really help draw people in to the space, always a good thing.

I am also looking forward to teaching an all day workshop this week, yeah. Maybe I will actually remember to take pictures.

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