Thursday, August 21, 2008

i want one, and so should you.

One of the artists at the space that I work has simply amazing work.
Joram Roukes
His paintings are very large, like 8 ft tall or so.
And he expertly combines thin layers of paint, with pencil, with marker, with flat areas of paint, and plenty of gorgeous negative space. Mixing cartoon, expressionistic, and realism techniques.
Joram is in NY only for another month as he is visiting from the Netherlands on a grant.

His current work is collaged imagery from people and places in Brooklyn to create portraits of Brooklyn. They are quite successful in this regard as they really tell the story of different communities and neighborhoods, they seem like they could be made nowhere else.

And in fact Joram thinks that he will not be able to continue the body of work once he goes home because it is too specific to the experience of being here.

My mission is to get Joram to become more aggressive about getting his work out their because I think the NY art world would love it. Don't you?


Liz said...

where are you working? and how r u?

joram roukes said...

thank you so much joetta. That's really kind! think of me when you're asked to suggest artists for your gallerie! would love to come back:)
hope all is well with you?

Joetta said...

so nice to hear from you. all is well. i am working in my studio a lot but it is no longer at Bag...I moved on to a really great studio in red hook. please keep in touch about your work!