Friday, August 8, 2008

your practice.

A women I teach a private to was wanting recommendations on yoga videos and
I thought maybe some of you would too... so here goes:

1. Ali MacGraw Yoga Mind & Body: This is one of the best produced videos that I have ever seen for a less advanced but still challenging practice. The class is led by renowned teacher Erich Shiffman and is filmed in a beautiful white sand dessert, it is about an hour. I highly recommend.

2. Rodney Yee, AM/PM Yoga for beginners: there is a reason Rodney Yee is the Oprah darling of yoga... He has an amazing practice and he makes excellent videos. This video has a 20 minute am practice and a 20 min pm practice. So it can fit into anyone's schedule.

3. Bryan Kest Power Yoga: definitely a more vigorous practice, faster and requiring more strength but Bryan Kest leads you in an encouraging and inspiring way. And he is easy on the eyes too. His brother Jonny is also an amazing teacher. The video might be a little dated by the practitioners and Bryan's hairdo. But still one of the better power video's.

4. By far the best pre-natal yoga video is Shiva Rea's . Shiva is one of my favorite instructors she is creative and fun and has the best music. For her prenatal video she presents herself while pregnant as a strong and beautiful women and that is what all pregnant women should feel.
and her vast array of regular yoga stuff is amazing too.

5. The best book to introduce yoga to your kids is Baron Baptiste's My daddy is a pretzel.
Very cute and educational. Babar is pretty good too.

6. And for anything Ashtanga I say go with Richard Freeman one of the most humble and inspiring teachers I have ever had the privilege to meet. But be warned these are not for the faint of heart. And in order to look like he does in the videos you would need to practice 2-3 hours everyday for like 20 years, literally, so put judgment away as you watch and practice.


nadia photografille said...

i will buy myself one of these for my new home and new beginning!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i love rodney yee--thanks for all the other recommendations!

Joetta said...

they are all good. now i just need to actually get the mat everyday.