Monday, August 25, 2008

Such exciting news...

at BAG

I have finally gotten a really great, I hope, job.
I have been so wanting to share the news, it has been in the works for 3 weeks now and finally got finalized late last week and today I bore the bad news to my current boss.

I will be very sad to leave my current job at the Brooklyn Artists Gym because everyone there are amazing wonderful people. I am so glad that I worked there to meet the wonderful folks, be introduced to the great community, and to have moved my studio to its much more "me" space.
And I will miss the sunshine from the windows.
But alas a job with more hours was needed and after a massive amount of work, time, and disappointment it has finally happened.

My new job is at a young gallery, less then a year old, Marc Jancou Contemporary in SOHO.
I will be doing the registrar work and shipping for all the art that goes in and out of the gallery. So I am a bit nervous about the work load and just getting into the swing of things, with new jobs it takes so long....
I am so extremely anxious about finding time to be in the studio and make work.
But mostly I am really excited!

And to try to force myself to be in the studio I am sending tons of show entries and such out this week in an effort to inspire me to get to the studio, so hopefully I get into some!!


kim said...

congratulations joetta.
all the best!

lovely textiles said...

congratulations. you'll thrive in such an appropriate environment and it'll probably inspire you to go to the studio.

nadia said...

Congrats! and i also just came from Black eiffle and saw a post there about you!!!!

Joetta said...

thanks folks, and thanks for letting me know about B. Eiffel.

Meg said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you got it!

Leila said...

Congratulations! I knew something great was bound to come along eventually.