Monday, August 18, 2008

let the sunshine in...

Let the sunshine in, the suuun shine in.
The suun shine in....

Come on sing along!
The entire 1900 deep audience of the Shakespeare in the Park production of Hair, consisting of mostly upper east-siders, did, they not only sung along they danced along and

It was amazing!!
So yes we saw Hair in Central Park this weekend. Our wonderful friends waited in line for hours and shared their bounty with us. C would never wait in line that long so I must rely on the generosity of others. And luckily we got to go.
I did not think C would like it but he actually seemed to like it a lot.
And he should have.
The actors were excellent, the production of this piece in our political climate was poignant, and the evening was beautiful.

Some highlights were:
the evening's weather.
The beautiful and talented Patina Renea Miller, who sang the opening song Aquarius amongst many other solos, her voice evoked massive emotion and she boogied like a 1968 hippie like no one else.
The handsome and perfectly rebellious Berger, played by Will Swenson. Swenson nailed the energy and the pathos of the character.
And the most amazing and unexpected highlight...

The moment the cast grabbed audience members and soon thereafter the entire stage was full of cast and audience dancing and singing and letting the sunshine in.
Maybe there is hope for all of us after all.

So if you are the type of person willing to wait 6-8 hours for tickets I highly recommend you do. Or make some really great friends so they can share with you.

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