Friday, August 15, 2008

studio and stuff.

what's going on in my studio you ask?
Well the exciting news is that I just sold 2 pieces, they are being custom made but inspired by the sentiments piece.

I love making custom work as I get to be inspired by others stories a bit more. Not only is it exciting that I sold them but they are being made as a gift for someone who seems like an amazing lady and the women who purchased them saw my work months ago and it stuck with her.
To me as an artist, when someone is still moved by your work well after they have seen it you just know that you are on the right path.

Otherwise, I definitely have to do a sit down and send out applications for shows again. Such tedious work... but the only way to get out there as an emerging artist. So I am trying to find the carve out the time to do this.

My work is going great. I have started 2 new pieces and am getting toward the home stretch of 2 others. So slowly but surely things are getting worked on. Maybe some will even be finished soon. (the above piece is probably about 50% more finished and I am almost ready for the appliqued part)

The show in New Orleans also got listed in about 3 papers. So that is always great.

What's happening with you?


onesilentwinter said...

Joeata, I am so happy for you. Completely envious about having a custom piece made by you...

Joetta said...


sofia barĂ£o said...

congratulations :) wonderful news.