Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i want to know more about:

Artist Magdelena Atria

Magdalena Atria's work is about longing and indifference, closeness and detachment, emotion and reserve. The images that inspire her work may be of concrete identifiable things such as a deer, a rabbit, an ear. Or they may be vague and undefined, freighted with meaning, but without a name. All of the images are related to the body and to embodied experiences such as touching, breathing, looking, holding, growing, hesitating. . from here.

made from toothpicks.

I could not find much information on Atria, as she is Chilean and most was not in english...and there just was not much written. But I am very curious to how she builds her large scale pieces. And what her references are.

Either way the work looks beautiful and hopefully I can see it in person soon.

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