Friday, August 29, 2008

intense work...

I was looking through the Drawing Center's viewing program, while I was trying to get it to work for me, no luck!!!
And I found the intense but fascinating work of artist Tamara Kostianovsky.

I can't wait to see this intricate and shockingly realistic fabric carcases in person.
If I was not already a vegetarian these works might make me one.

on her incredible cool website she states:

For Argentineans the cow is a symbol of national identity...
By creating sculptural works where the cow appears skinned, tortured or dismembered, I intend to speak about the conflicting relationship between homeland and emigres, at the same time that I bring attention to the physicality of our existences, the escalating violence that we became accustomed to, and the longing that results when the body is displaced.

Eloquent, powerful, and frightening words and work
And if you are in NY you will get a chance to see her work this fall.

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