Tuesday, May 5, 2009

and we all sing shalalalalaaaaaa!

Designer Rudiger Schlomer creates truly lovely, gorgeous, playful, and nonsensical, and sometimes sensical, remixed scarves based on the fan scarves of European soccer fans. Being inspired when the world cup was in his home country Germany he began remixing the colors and letters of fan scarves to make new and playful words and scarves.

He states:

The fan, observer of playful conflict, can use the fan-scarf only as a limited communication medium. It is either for team A or team B, with or against it.

Schalalala is a fan scarf remix project, which enables the fan/user to create a more self-determined formulation. Use the Remix-Interface to turn existing fan-scarfs into your own message. Get a knitting pattern for your remix and knit it yourself.

Letter by letter, and loop by loop, a decentral scarf collection of recombined names and places is made in individual home production and self-initiated knitting circles.

So how it works is he has downloaded original fan scarves cut them apart digitally, the fan remixes them, and then can get a knitting pattern to create their own playful scarf, playing with ideas of play, dada, fanatic, and cut-ups. The scarves end up resembling a ransom note with their different color patterns and texts.

Very cool and fun objects and idea.

Their are even knitting circles developing to create your very own Schalalalal scarf. Maybe we all need one too!

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