Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so very...

This is the only sentiment I have the energy to express right now. I am so overwhelmed at the moment I am truly stressing! I am so excited for all the projects I am working on - but beginning to wonder how in the world I am going to get everything done in time.

I have been working diligently on my sampler.
And soon I will need to start working on my project line...- in which I am appliqueing words related to joy and freedom on a large scale installation that will be hung in 4 rows , similarly to a clothes line. My goal is 4 rows of 40 ft! What? We will see about that.

And I am creating a very cool window installation with vintage and inherited hand crochet doilies that will read "sweet dreams."

All happening in June!

I cannot wait to share my progress and final results with you.
I just hope my fingers can take the never ending embroidery for the next month!

What are you working on!


Brittany Noel said...

I am sending you strength. But I am not sending you hands... Mine are aching after 10 minutes of knitting two nights ago! I don't think you need those hands. I am also sending you the delicious coffee I am drinking. You should pick up a pound of Arabian Mocha Sanani from Starbucks if you like strong coffee. Berries, cocoa, spices, wine... It's all there. Sooooo good with brownies. Mmmm. Anyway, I know you can do it all, you seem to always do the things you need to do. But man, 4 lines of 40ft each!! It will be so awesome.

Joetta said...

thanks so much for your well wishes. Luckily my hands are holding up well! But the coffee might come in handy!