Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the merit of charm

merit badge for "taking the cake"
merit badge for "pushing the envelope"

Love, Love, Love the fabulous merit badges of crafter and artist Lee Mezaro. Her charming and witty merits, to be rewarded, make you smile and think of a much cooler girl scout troop.
I can think of many people in my life who deserve to receive some much deserved recognition of merit!
They reminded me of these also awesome but perhaps less charming merit badges.
merit badge for "being sharp as a tack"
merit badge for "rolling with the punches"

And for those special folks in you life, you can have matching badges- just like those awesome break in half best friends charms- but way cooler.
merit badge for "birds of a feather, flock together"

merit badge for "two peas on a pod"

I think Lee deserves the below badge:

merit badge for "sticking out like a sore thumb"

Because she sticks out as awesome, clever, and a maker of oh so cute fun stuff.

Another maker of super fun things, Astulabee just opened herself a website go check it out here.


josephine said...

these are too cute! i love the feather badges.

Jan said...

So cute, reminds me of G.S. Loved your photo yesterday. And, the computerized anatomical doilies are really something.

Joetta said...

too cute indeed. Girl Scouts- those were the days:)