Thursday, May 28, 2009


Whoah! is all I can say or think about the very impressive and highly detailed hand beaded work of artist Scott Schudt. Though his website design drives me mad and his statement provides little insight into his work- it simply does not matter because his work and technique speak for themselves!

Scott creates highly detailed hand beaded paintings inspired by personal subject matter and experiences. He states:

My work might appear to be carefully planned, but I actually tend to work intuitively, one element at time.

Armed with an initial concept I will research the idea and gather a mass of visual images until I am sure

that I can work a piece to completion. Once the sewing starts, time is rather irrelevant and I just do the

work until it is done right. During this lengthy process, the work may morph as elements are added or

left out. Often, I make a functional or partially functional object, such as a backpack, compass or a basket

fragment to carry the beadwork as an efficient method to place more content in the work.

The large time, personal and intellectual commitment involved in each of my works causes me to work on

a variety of themes. So, in any one year I will create work ranging from social/political topics to

archaeology, history or nature.

I love his way of creating a composition and the conceptual element of combining a craft practice with very masculine and charged imagery.

I most prefer his political work as I find the work very powerful, moving, and unque. I hope someday I can see this crazy detail oriented work in person- I can only imagine how loud my "whoah" would be then. See more.


Knit - R - Done said...

Holy crap! Thanks for sharing this. I've never seen fiber art that spoke to me so loudly.

Joetta said... is quite impressive and inspiring.