Friday, May 8, 2009

moth wings and laughs.

image by the Starn Brothers

So I realized as I walked home from a very fabulous and Fun Moth Grand Slam that a very awesome friend performed at -that maybe everyone does not know about the amazing, awesomeness of The Moth.

The Moth
, in their words, is "live storytelling without notes" and it is amazing. They have weekly events in NY where any old normal folk can come and tell a 5 minute story live about that nights theme. And our friend won a night so she was at the "grand slam" which is the last 10 winners competing for the title of "awesome."

So why should you care you ask? Well because they are so awesome they have a weekly podcast so the entire world can enjoy all the great, mostly autobiographical, stories. Be prepared to laugh out loud and maybe even sometimes cry. But this is super good stuff.

In my studio I am am podcast addict! When I am hunkered down embroidering away NPR keeps me sane. So if you like "This American Life", which really who doesn't you will love the moth.

Now I am off to the studio and my pod casts.


Brittany Noel said...

Sounds like a great night. Off to check out the podcast! Also, my best friend loves the Sarn brothers :)

Joetta said...

yes the starn brothers have been long time favorites of mine!!!