Thursday, May 14, 2009

Elegant vulnerability.

Last month I posted about the amazing and inspiring Love Armor Project and eventually took the time to look into the artist responsible for it s amazingness. Artist Shirley Klinghoffer makes some extremely beautiful, graphic, and personal work.
Shirley often uses the actual body, mostly the female body, to cast and use as muse and subject matter.

Creating gorgeous petal like vulva's:

and armor-like nipples and skin:

Shirley uses the body to convey an idea and concept. Using repetition, a minimalist aesthetic, and the materiality of her making to express a dark humor, provocative subject matter, and contrast within that subject.

Creating visually powerful work.

Shirley states toward her "fleur" works:

A close personal identification with natural forces such as growth, loss, birth, and seasons, and my natural instinct to observe flowers as tangible evidence of these forces, has led me, in recent years, to my “femme fleur” challenges. My first foray into this floral realm was with unique bronze flowers that discretely revealed intimate vulval imprints cast directly from volunteers, who enthusiastically embraced their participation in this show of female pride and strength... These female and floral forms continue to foster further exploration with new contextual ideas and media.

Although my artwork changes constantly, “vulnerability” and “strength” weave in and out creating a unifying link.

Indeed Shirley creates an elegant vulnerability and a magnificent strength in her inspiring work.

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