Thursday, May 28, 2009

live and learn...

Here are the final pictures of my sampler. Though it was just last Wednesday that I shipped the work off it seems like a millions years ago.
The linen is a pain to photograph because it is not square so it looks crooked no matter what I do!

I was very happy with the work and proud of the quality. Remember I have only been embroidering about 2 years and so I am still learning and vastly improving my technique and this piece made me feel proud about that.

I did end up framing the work and am still unsure how I feel about that. Generally I prefer not to frame my work as it feels much more stagnant, flat, and artifact-like once it is contained. But since the work was going to a museum and would be hanging next to a framed sampler I decided to do it. But now I sort of wish I had not- as this would have separated it more from the antique sampler and keep it more in the present moment. What do you think?

Oh well we live and learn.


onesilentwinter said...

Joetta that is fantasic!! no really gorgeous!!!

Joanie Hoffman said...

This is a beautiful piece of work and fun too.
"Z" will never be the same to me.
Happy days,

Joetta said...

thank you so much- and really what could i do about z?