Friday, May 8, 2009

Fantasy Fantastic

So we are dorking out tonight and seeing Star Trek, it actually looks good and has gotten decent reviews, and need I remind you I am married to a Software engineer, aka geek. So I thought since I was going all Sci-fi today that the very cool and fantastic work of British artist Joanna Burke was fitting.

Joanna collaborates with photographer Moni Haworth to create dream worlds and fantasy places through applique and embroidery techniques.

Many of her characters remind me of a future Marie Antoinette. Her colors are rich and sumptuous and I love how she mixes satins with flat fabrics.

Joanna is also an illustrator which I think is obvious when you look at her style of drawing.
And she creates very fabulous and far out necklaces.

See more of this fantasy at Chromium Dumb Belle.


glam.spoon said...

very Marie Antoinette, I totally agree.

Lefty said...

Been into Chromium Dumb Belle stuff for quite a while... some of her new stuff is amazing..
Love this belt necklace combo

shelbyisms. said...

It was an excellent movie, I presume?

Joetta said...

Star trek excellent yes!
Joanna Fabulous yes!