Friday, June 5, 2009


After teaching yoga last night I popped into the First Thursdays openings in Dumbo, Brooklyn-
and I loved and was fascinated by the beauty in Giles Revell's photographic series of Insects.

The prints that I saw were pretty large- like 30 x 40. The background was a rich inky black and the insects glowed of the page. The detail of there bodies was amazing!

Giles website states:

Influenced by fine art and conceptualism, Giles Revell’s work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of graphic, ideas-based imagery and the different ways in which photographic images can imply form, surface or texture via the simplest means. In addition to 'pure', traditional photography, Giles's personal work continues to explore the creative potential of digital technologies.

I am not sure how the work was technically created- but found them quite beautiful in subject, graphic, technique, and concept. See them at Randall Scott Gallery.

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