Monday, June 1, 2009

where did it go?

The weekend I mean...with all my busyness I did not even notice I was suppose to be taken it easy.
Open Studios went well. It was a bit on the quiet side of things. But my studio looked great and the response to my work was really wonderful and encouraging.
I will take pictures of the set up today to share with all of you.

And... I went to Governors Island to get the lowdown on the Figment event my work Line... is in.
And thankfully is was a lovely sunny day. So I walked around the strange and bizarre island. It had been a military base for over 200 years and still has many. many houses, apartment buildings, and barracks in perfect condition. Sitting vacant and empty just waiting for people to move in. It is just so bizarre-
tree lined streets.
yellow houses with big porches.
laundry lines waiting to be hung.
but no residents.
Strange bizarre and fascinating- and considering the domestic nature of the island I think that my piece will work great in my location amongst the houses.
We will see.

Off to work.


Brittany Noel said...

This sounds like it will suit that piece perfectly. Why is no one living there? Has it just recently been not a base anymore? Sounds like a horror movie!

Joetta said...

i am not sure why no one is there...but it has not been used for quite awhile.
Feels very bizarre but strangely not scary at all- just very, very odd!