Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lost beauty.

I am beyond sad, disappointed and just plain bummed that I missed this amazing installation from the ever awe-inspiring artist Ernesto Neto. With the 3 major projects in front of me this past month I have not been aware of anything going on in the art world at all - and with sadness I missed this, by one day!

I have long loved Neto's work- when I was an eighteen year old Freshman at Ohio State he did a womb-like piece at the Wexner Center and I was incredibly moved by the safe and beautiful space he created with such intense fragility- yet allowed people to enter and affect it none the less.

The piece at the Armory in NY was a large scale womb structure, huge, with chairs, pools of balls, giant pods of spices, and oh the light.

I have long wished to create spaces in which you enter them in the way you enter Neto's work, but have never been able to remove myself from the narrative of my work to do it. But someday I hope I can merge my desire for narrative and my fascination with safe and welcoming spaces.

Neto's work is a profound inspiration and I am truly bummed that I missed out on experiencing it in person. At least we have pictures.
Read the NY times article here.


A rambling rose said...

Wow - amazing work and I would be gutted if I'd lived near enough to see it and missed it - thanks for sharing - I hope the work comes to the UK one day!

Joetta said...

gutted that is the right word- so bummed:(