Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Forgive me for my next few days of absence....

I am heading to Florida tomorrow...very early
I am so looking forward to the sunshine-whom is hiding here at home,
the beach- my favorite place on the earth,
and endless rest and peace...

We will be visiting with family... but have our own house with the sister's.

Forgive me
for the poor photo and lack of lovely ones-
once I am back- a new computer is the first thing on my to do list so I can start sharing my new work and the images of line... with all of you.
I feel lacking with out them.

back to my knot of last ends to tie up before leaving.


onesilentwinter said...

have a great time joetta! iw ill have pictures for yyou upon your return- yes sun my vegetable garden is very leafy:)

glam.spoon said...

have a great trip!

Laura said...

Just a little note for you while you are away:

Dear Joetta,
You are such an inspiring artist, thank you for sharing the process, the frustrations the excitement with us.
Also, thank you for posting and writing so eloquently about the artists who inspire you, it's easy to forget that we need others to keep us diving in. Enjoy the sunshine in Florida, can't wait to see what you tucked in from your trip.

Joetta said...


thank you so much for your very sweet note. It brought me some motivation while I had none. Greatly appreciated.

I love sharing with all of you.