Tuesday, June 30, 2009

whimsical wonder...

Through a sweet flickr comment I stumbled upon the very sweet and whimsical work of Karen Grenfell aka MimiLove. She combines lovely watercolor paintings with stitches and embroidery. Under her hand the two mediums flow perfectly together.

The detail and color in the work is quite amazing and inspiring. I always play with the idea of layering patterns and words into my work and just have not yet explored it...But Karen's work makes me want to try.

Mimi uses layers to build meaning in the image, in the above piece Spider, she has the main spider image, little tiny black spiders, a spider nursery rhyme, and a drawing of spider man. Love it!

She even has a little Yellowbird piece. A lovely lady after my heart.

Karen has a website, blog, etsy shop, and even more.

So leap over and see more.


Brittany Noel said...

This is exactly what I needed today. It's been dreary here for the last couple of days and I've been feeling out of sorts. Thanks for a good smack in the eyes! I love the interplay of the soft watercolor and the stark embroidery. And oh, the colors!

Joetta said...

happy to smack anytime!haha

snow said...

What a beautiful combination!
Mixing mediums with painting can really help bring the work to life.