Friday, June 12, 2009


so a few images of me installing line... yesterday. Heading out to tweak it a bit this afternoon and get some more pictures. For the most part things went really well. My plan for installing the posts worked out, with a lot of advice from my Dad and construction help from C. And the weather held out- it was gray dreary,and misty. But after 4-5 hours of installing we were still dry.
I do wish I had some more linens to hang- but I can only embroider so fast!

I have some images of it all complete but computer problems are not loading them. So hopefully later today or early next week I can share those. What do you think?

Remember it is only up this weekend as part of this awesome event.
And this weekend is the last chance to check this out too.


Jan said...

It looks GREAT!!

miss milki said...

Looks really cool - I imagine its fabulous in real life! Love your yellow boots btw! :)

Hannah said...

This looks brilliant! I wish I could see it for real!