Monday, June 8, 2009

Invisible no more.

From morphing sequence.

How I just now am finding the amazing and moving work of artist Lou Trigg baffles me. Her sewn drawings and the often resulting animation films are gorgeous in there narrative, emotion, vulnerability and hand. All the work stands entirely well on its own and when combined make a heart lurching piece of work.

From she always felt invisible.

Lou describes her work :

My original idea for the invisible woman was to investigate the internal and external reality of the invisibility of 'women of a certain age'. The pressures on women in their 50's to appear younger and to deny their real age is enormous. In the media we rarely see what a normal, natural woman looks like; we are bombarded with the likes of '10 years younger' and celebrities pretending that their expressionless faces are down to genetics, lots of water and whatever moisturizers they are flogging to an ever increasing gullible audience, usually of the baby boomer variety. However, my MA Sequential Design project, which was to be the voice of the invisible woman, became the sounding board for a narrative concerning my own personal history of always feeling invisible, recreated by sewn works (stitchures) which have become a film and a book.. ...see further work about those of us who dare to show that we have smiled, cried and frowned occasionally.

Watch her incredibly beautiful film made from these sewn works here.

From Tragic Women- Judy in Love.

I am moved and inspired by Lou's work and cannot wait to continue to see what her work does next. Truly beautiful.

From tragic women- susan boyle (I'm sorry SuBo!)


lulu said...

oh Ive just seen this!! how lovely of you, I am very touched, thank you so much xx

Joetta said...

Lulu- I tried to email you from your website and failed:(.
But I am so glad you found my post- I truly am moved and inspired by your work.
In past bodies of work I have done work about both rape and the role of beauty in women's lives. but from the perspective of a young woman. (Not as young anymore) So your work truly spoke to me on so many levels!

Please keep in touch with your work and most importantly-
Keep inspiring.


lulu said...

Oh Joetta, I have only just seen your reply! I am so sorry! And how strange that we are both exhibiting at frou frou right now.

Sorry you couldnt email me via my website; do please keep in touch -

many thanks
all the best
lou x