Friday, June 19, 2009

lost & lace.

I am lost without my computer. It is shocking how reliant I have come on its tools and ways.
And since C works from home on his computers I can hardly get the chance to read my emails.
I remember when C and I first met he had to teach me to to use email...oh how I have changed.

But in reality it is just not as fun sharing my work and practice with you without sharing pictures. Regardless, my portrait piece is coming along really well. I am excited and happy about it- and I have 2 more ready to go.
Which is a good thing because my brain is a bit burnt and coming up with a new idea this month seems unlikely. So I can just sit and embroider the ideas that I have not had time to do.

Also a big sweet thanks to WhiteOwl for the sweet feature on my etsy shop.
Just so you know for one week I am offering 15% off everything- to clear the shop out for many new additions from line... & other things. Take advantage.

And you should definitely stop by White Owl to see these two sisters AMAZING and GORGEOUS necklaces made out of reclaimed lace. I have two. They are so so lovely.

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c.s. said...

Thank you Joetta! You are so talented and kind :)

Christina and Courtney