Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pop icons to super heroes!

When I saw the above embroidered work by artist Jared Brown all I thought was wowza!- and where was he the day I went and saw Startrek.
His use of stitches and color are awesome!

I love the casualness of a pop stars image or a page from a comic book being re-created in the meticulous and slow process of embroidery.

I particularly like when he works with colorful and patterned back grounds with the lone figure. Compositionally it is very interesting to me.

Technically his skill is quite proficient!

I wish I new more about his intentions and inspirations as he does not have a website but only a flickr. And his blog though full of cool finds and his great graphics does not touch on his art practices often.
But as you know
I always love a man with needles.

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