Friday, November 13, 2009


some in process images of my new work. It is going along well, though I am already out of a few threads I need. Micheal's, why cannot you live in Brooklyn:(
And it is interesting adjusting to working on such a large scale - I am using a standing quilting hoop which allows me to work on large areas but does not give me as much flexibility as I am use too. But most annoying is all the extra fabric hanging off. I am having to tie and pin the rest of the linen just to keep it out of my way while I work. But I am confident that the adjustments will pay off. I am super excited about the piece already.

And... I am super excited to say that I got a piece accepted into the Fiber Art International show in Pittsburgh this spring. I am so glad to have been selected and this is the first year I have applied. The show is a huge show in a great space with a great opening and artist's event. And there is the possibility to be invited to their traveling exhibition. The bad news is all the fun stuff (opening, etc.) is one week after my due date. So though I have my fingers crossed that I will feel up to going with a new baby in tow, I am doubtful. But hopeful!


cara. said...

your work is incredible. you were the fire under my ars a few years ago when i finally started embroidery. it was a way i could mix texture with words and the images my mind was craving. thank you so much for the introduction! it has been my therapy.

also saw your work at gallery hanahou in soho last spring. it was a weird "full circle" feeling. you are a very inspirational lady.

Joetta M. said...


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your sweet, kind words made my day. I so appreciate you writing and letting me know that I helped in a small way to inspire you. Are you local in NY? If so I would love to meet up for coffee.