Tuesday, November 3, 2009

nets, cosmos, and nature.

My last artist feature from the most recent Surface Design Magazine, Doug Guildford. Doug creates large scale hand crochet net pieces that reference both the literal nets as well as sea animals, plants, and the greater cosmos. Doug uses materials that can withstand his outdoor installation techniques such as copper wire, poly twine, and stainless steel wire.

Often his work is placed in the elements, under or resting on the surface of water and eventually returns to the gallery space. Impressively his work is just as interesting and visually compelling in both environments. The amoeba shapes compel and reference both nature by the sea, but also our own interior bodies, and mountainous landscapes.

Something I find particularly interesting is that considering the nature of nets, Doug's work is never finished- he is always adding, changing, and building the work. So each time you see the work it may be different.

See more images here, including his extensive works on paper. I do hope he has invested in a better camera though. His work deserves to be documented in the best way.

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