Monday, November 16, 2009

needle in hand.

sorry the color balance is so bad, i waited too late and now my studio is dark.

I have diligently been working away with needle in hand at my studio all afternoon. Company has been a Louise Bourgeois documentary and American Radioworks. It has been great.
I just settled in and worked a solid 4-5 hours or so on appliqueing the hair of my bed piece. I love the way it looks but just hope the dark hair does not dominate the skin tone thread. It is hard to tell when so much lays undone. And the addition of paint at the very end changes everything anyway.

I am so excited to get to my inbox everyday on connective thread to see the amazing submissions that are starting to poor in. Many artists that I ave featured here or even met and some totally new ones have submitted. I have a feeling many more than just the selected will be featured here on the blog. But I am beginning to have no idea how I will select from such amazing group of work. I think it will all come down to creating a cohesive show that works together and in the space. Plus I have plans to curate more shows in the future so many work not selected might be selected then. Remember to submit if you have not -only 9 days left.


Iviva Olenick said...

The beginnings of the piece look beautiful. It is wonderful to get an inside peak of the process. I look forward to seeing your progression.

Joetta M. said...

glad you enjoy seeing the progression, i always love the opportunity to see that in other people's work.

onesilentwinter said...