Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a long day of....

a long day of embroidering in front of me.
sounds perfect.
I did not get a chance to start on my big piece yesterday it seemed that I was attached to my computer all day getting caught up on emails and sending images to folks. Someday, I will have an assistant for those things. Wouldn't that be nice!
So today I am dedicating to getting started- but I have to say I am a little nervous it is so huge and has so much potential for me...I am trying to decide how and where to start. I guess I will just have to jump in.

I got a few new pieces up on my etsy yesterday, the above pieces and another few.
And found out I sold a piece through the show room that carries my work, yeah!
So all in all the week has started well, hope it stays that way.

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Brittany Noel said...

Oooooh assistant! That will be so nice.
I'm still feeling nervous about my show. Which is only compounded by the first print that I did. I'm feeling so unsure. I think I need to use different fabric... Ugh. I definitely know how you feel.

Congrats on the sale through the showroom!!