Tuesday, November 17, 2009

artcitecture in crochet.

I recently saw the show card for the new show at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Map of everything, a solo show by artist Shela Klein and I had to investigate. (images above of install) Shelia is a very diverse, prolific, and risk taking artist. Her personal practice focuses mostly on fibers including large scale crochet works:

and draped fiber spaces:

She tends to be drawn to elements of architecture.


Shelia has also taken on a number of public art projects in crochet and light. Here are a few of my favorites described in her own words.


The comfort zone.
A series of textile related pieces hung on the building alluding to shawls, blankets and curtains, handmade from stainless steel yarn. The piece has a handmade feel while remaining architectural. In the front porch area of the Broadway side of the building I envisioned a series of blinds or screens that filled 5 of the 30' bays. These architectural curtains lent a human scale to the building. They serve to articulate and specialize this facade. The stainless yarn was woven in classic patterns such as Brooks Bouquet, Spanish Lace, and Danish Medallion. They are graphic when viewed by cars and provide a textural meditation when seen close-up. The lacy curtains create a series of shadows throughout the day and by night they are backlit.

Show and Hide
These moving curtains create different tableaus as they change and recombine. The piece addresses the street as a display that isn't and from the inside an interior that doesn't stay in its place. The idea of change is central to this work.

and a heart constructed out of traffic lights, turns on at night:) Awesome.

Shelia has an extensive and well designed website full of images, words, multiple statements, and humor. Check more of her work out here.


Brittany Noel said...

That is such intense crochet!! And so beautiful. I would have loved to see that installation in person. Is this the show you want to go to PA to see? I wish I could see it!

Joetta M. said...

no, it is not the show i was planning on seeing. the other show is in philly. but i too would love to see this one in person.