Sunday, February 6, 2011

checked out???

I am so sorry that I TOTALLY checked out last week. My folks were in town helping me build the fabulous book shelf pictured above. And with the actuality of building it, staining it, and then organizing the obnoxious piles of books everywhere to find their home on the shelves. Time flew.
We only had a few days together so in the end I wanted to just enjoy watching them be grandparents and such...

But needless to say C and I love the new shelf and the fact that our lil't will no longer have treacherous piles of books all over his home. Yay!!!

Since the folks were in town I also did not get much done in regards to my work but did make it into the studio for a few good hours on Friday and have made nice progress on my piece there. Will share pics soon. Today fingers are crossed to get more done on that piece but we will see the baber's is feeling a little under the weather

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