Tuesday, February 8, 2011

words wrapping around me.

I love the quilt's by Comma Workshop/Designer Kerry Larkin. She combines text, quilting, and negative space to create incredibly lovely quilts for the home.

Kerry started off as a designer and after installing a piece in a gallery which explored fabric, typography, and storytelling she was hooked. In wanting to explore these themes more she connected to her ancestral background of quilting and began Comma Workshop. Her bio reflects what seems to be a wonderful life and her works reflect this depth and beauty of a person in love with life's experience.

In speaking about her current series "context quilts" she says:

The context quilt collection explores storytelling through the tradition of quilt-making. Each quilt in the series has a story quilted directly into it, in both white thread and a contrasting color thread. The original stories evolve from the titles of the quilts and blend elements of fantasy and wit to surprise and delight the user.

While the context series specifically is designed, written, and quilted by Kerry Larkin, Comma Workshop often collaborates with other writers and poets to create quilts made by ‘many hands.’ This is reflective of the traditional quilting bee, which was used as a means of socializing and exchanging ideas.

Taking the crafts of storytelling and quilting and pairing it with a modern aesthetic and palette, the context series offers a new take on a time-honored tradition.

What I love most is that these are quilts made to be used. I obviously love all the incredible art quilts being made by contemporary quilters today. But often they just do not invite use and ask to be hung like a painting. But with Kerry's technique and artistic sensibilities her pieces are totally gorgeous but also ask to be wrapped around you, bunched up on your favorite chair, and laid out on your bed.

And her next endeavor is baby quilt's. Cannot wait to see them.

See and order her work here.


Mariajaan said...

This is one of the few blogs that I could read entry by entry, all day long, for all the possible reasons. I wish I was this creative. Dreaming as I do with work like yours and those you review, I cannot even finish a small project. Love textiles and ribbons and embroidery very much. Used to quilt free style.. Maybe again one beautiful day...

Joetta M. said...


Thank you so much for your note. It was so genuine and lovely. I am so delighted that I can connect you to your creativity and inspire you.
Hopefully soon it will inspire your hands to complete something wonderful. It is a great reward looking at that finished piece.


comma workshop said...

joetta- thank you so much for the lovely blog post about my work! i love what i'm doing and hopefully it shows in my work.

i'm so glad i found your blog... and i am definitely submitting work to the 'play' exhibit-- so exciting!

Joetta M. said...

Kerry- So glad you found me here. I love your work and someday hope to own a piece for my bed. Someday...

and delighted that you enjoy this little blog house and look forward to seeing what you come up with to submit for the show:)