Monday, February 21, 2011

quirky folks...

I am wanting to see light and wonderful things today, due to the cold gray snow outside and the work of Tugba Kop, not sure if that is a very cool name or a "pen"name for the work, is hitting the spot. I think I saw this work first at the Mr. but am not totally sure.

Tugba's portraits are awesome. They are humorous and playful in the character they evoke out of their subject- but made in a way that is quite loving, not making fun just treasuring those quirky qualities people have.

I love how you can see extra threads and such under the muslin base fabric, it adds so much more dimension to the piece..

I especially love her applique technique. Appliqueing a flat color and then embroidering over it. The minimal but strong use of color is right up by alley.

I personally prefer the fabulous portraits but am also being drawn to the works that are "portraits" of domestic objects. I myself am thinking of doing a series of objects for an upcoming exhibit and am inspired by these.

See more of Tugba here.

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