Monday, February 14, 2011

collective thread...

some works in process of Rebecca's from her blog.

Last night was the most recent meeting of our fiber collective, Collective Thread, and it was a great meeting. We were invited into the studio of the ever fabulous Rebecca Ringquist to look at her work in process. She is preparing for a solo show in the spring and her new work is very much about her journey from Chicago to NYC. The work is sumptuous as it always is but there are some very exciting new things happening too. Those of you lucky enough to be in Chicago will have to make sure to check her show out when it opens.

We also looked at the work of Linsey Wallace, a new face to the group and me. Her work explores issues of medicine and spirituality and she is wanting it to begin to talk about the conflict between western medicine and more spiritually based ancestral medicines. It led to a very interesting discussion.

a finished work of Rebecca's

It was interesting as Rebecca is very sure of and grounded in her work and process and is more interested in just continuing to see it grow. While Linsey seems more on the precipice of finding out what her work will be. Though she has exhibited quite extensively and is established as an artist by talking to her it seemed that she was working towards some clarity in her direction. In general it made for a great meeting between the two of them and I am so happy they shared their work with us.

Next time will hopefully be just as great.

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