Monday, February 14, 2011

some stiching in Chelsea...

So I had a little bit of a whirlwind of art this weekend even with my terrible cold and tired body.
I headed to Chelsea on Friday afternoon to attend an alumni cocktail party. Since I was heading there I popped in quickly on a few shows I had been wanting to see. 2 birds with one stone.

One such exhibit was the Gagosian exhibit by Francesco Vezzoli which I had mentioned a while back. I am glad I got to see it though I am unsure as to what I think. The installation was quite gorgeous evoking the feeling, stillness, and profound quiet that a a church sanctuary does which is perfectly fitting for his work. But the work itself was a little flat for me. He embroidered his signature tears onto fabric that had the images of supermodels as saints printed on it. The work was quite lovely in one way but in another way much to familiar. His statement of celebrity and beauty worship is clear but as far as where he stands on the issue, not clear at all. Totally worth seeing as the drama on the installation is quite successful but yet I was not in the end very moved.

I then thought I had missed the chance to see Cayce Zavaglia's newest work at the new Lyons Weir location as the group show that she was included in had come down but as I walked by it beckoned to me from the window. Her piece is still hanging behind the desk along with another one in the back gallery. As always her work awes me with her skill and loving approach to the portrait.

But the highlight for me was the exhibit girls, girls, girls at Jenkins Johnson gallery. I generally am a fan of the gallery and have enjoyed quite a few exhibits that they have had. I knew about this show because artist Maggy Hiltner's work was included. And it was SO wonderful to walk off the elevator and have Maggy's piece right there to greet me, it did not disappoint what so ever, but the show in general was quite fabulous. Very diverse in medium and style but a very well curated exhibit of all things girly.

I then did a quick pop into one of my favorite galleries George Adams Gallery and saw the solo exhibit of painter Amer Kobaslija . The paintings are quite beautiful studies of the painters studio.

And of course afterwards enjoyed an evening of catching up with some old friends and professors. It was perfect. Beside the TERRIBLE cold.

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