Thursday, March 24, 2011

adventure's in the wild

My studio mate forwarded the work of Hannah Haworth over to me and I love the fun playful, nature of her work. She creates to scale knitted animal sculptures.

Each piece seems to be part of a much larger story. This is her story for the above work The Hunt:

One day she did not return from her fishing and so she was searched for, he reached her spot but it was deserted. And so he began looking for her tracks – they led directly away into the vast interior. It began to get dark as he ventured inland more and more. As night fell, he became sure that her feet were bare. They became smaller and smaller the further he tracked her. As he continued, one of her feet became wolf while the other remained human. As she was like that, he turned back.

There is not too much info about her process and or her conceptual story in her website but from the little I gather she reminds me quite a bit of Kimberely Hart and the idea of making work out of a fictional alter ego's adventure's in the wild.

See more of her work here.


Andrea In Pajamas said...

I love it - those animals are fantastic!

Joetta M. said...

Fantastic is right! I feel like I should use that word more it is so upbeat. But yes her work is so wonderfully fantastic. Glad you liked it too:)