Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a book of d's...

When I was in graduate school, based on the intimate photographs that I was taking of C and I, a professor recommended that I look at the book A book of D's by Danica Phelps and after much searching I found it, bought it, and loved it.

Last week t was in all my books at the studio and... as I was working today I picked it up and as usual was so moved. The book consists of gorgeous contour drawings of Danica and her lover in moments of tenderness, making love, holding, kissing, etc. Her hand and her way of drawing is, in short - exquisite and because of her approach of contour it seems very much like thread.

I truly love how Danica captures such love and the power of the intimate touch and then layers this with documentation of the banality of her day through to-do lists (in book). This somehow reminds us of how that with in our everyday banal existence there is such incredible beauty.

If you have not seen it you need to.

I know that today it blew my mind and totally inspired something exciting in me for my work.

Unfortunately it is hard to find images of this work but you can buy the book.

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