Friday, March 11, 2011

studio visit.

Today I am going to go over to the studio of artist Julie Tesser to do a little studio visit. It has been a long time planning and I am looking forward to seeing what she is currently working on.

Julie tends to work a lot within more decorative motifs and often combines clay with fiber in an interesting way.

Julie has a strong interest in architecture and the motifs and decorative aspects. She states:

Ornate architectural forms and structures are a prime inspiration, as are the decorative elements that embellish them, such as plants and flowers. In addition, both plants and gardens contain their own organic compositions, and at times I’ve created an entire environment from a single plant or blossom’s structure. Interior design elements such as patterned wallpaper, rugs and fabrics are other important sources.

I would love to see her work really pushed in the direction of scale and repetition.

See more here.

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