Thursday, March 31, 2011

i want to see more...

Artist Rachel Brummer recently emailed me with images of her most recent show at the Grove/Thurston Gallery in Seattle and oh how do I wish I could see it in person. It looks very interesting and the work has a subtle nature that makes me want to experience it up close and personal.

these are on fiber.

I feel like these works do not fully translate through the photograph as it just seems like the texture and subtle palette is somewhat lost. But even still it is obviously gorgeous! So we can imagine what it would be like if we were lucky enough to check it out. (so Seattle people please do!)

Oh, I want detail images -these look amazing but I feel like I am just being teased by this photo.

A description of her new exhibit...

Rachel's new works translate human experience into visual form, including dyed and embroidered fabric mounted under glass influenced by Galileo's drawings of sunspots; text embroidered on recycled waxed collars based on her work with Pat Graney's 'Keeping the Faith' prison project; and photographic still lives on fabric composed of unusual keepsakes contributed by a sampling of Seattle residents.

The dyed linens are gorgeous.

And the photographic works on fiber are quite interesting.

She has a number of other gorgeous works, often quilts that combine her photographic technique with her stitchery-

so go check out her website, it is a little crazy to navigate through but worth it to find some of the treasures that she has created. A number of her works have extensive statements and gorgeous installations.

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