Monday, March 21, 2011

sorting through.

Deeann Rieves

dreary, dreary wet day. I am glad it is my day to stay home and watch t and my studio mates baby. That way I can have a glorious morning alone in the studio tomorrow and not be out in the cold rain today.

If those babes behave I might be able to start sifting through the incredible submissions to Play. WOWZA I have not even began to really look at the work and am already overwhelmed and delighted by the incredibly high level of work submitted. There are so many wonderful pieces that really "play" into the idea I have for the show that I know it is going to be SO tough to select the final work. I wish I had twice as much space!!!!!

Mira Gelley

Here is a totally random selection of some of the pieces submitted. I have no idea if any, all, or none will be selected in the end but just thought I would give you a taste of the awesome I am sorting through.

Alanna Lynch

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