Tuesday, June 7, 2011

as oasis.

I spent all day yesterday settling back into home. Getting caught up, unpacked, and much more. And it feels good to be home, while I was away I was thinking about all the things that I miss out on by having a NYC lifestyle but as soon as I saw the skyline off in the distance I was flooded with happiness towards all the things that I get from living a NYC life.
It has been lovely here the last few days and T and I have been soaking in Brooklyn life.

I always love that often when I go somewhere I totally enjoy myself and my experience but more often then not it also confirms that the life that I have chosen is the right one- leaving me even happier to be where I am.

BetterFarm was an oasis of grass, bird song, space, and wonderful community and I am so grateful of the experience I had there and even more grateful to know their door is always open to me and creative folks. I hope to grace their barn and the supper table again.
But here too in my little life in Brooklyn I have my oasis of my family, my friends. my studio, and my bed. So I guess you can make an oasis anywhere.

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