Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more than eye candy?

Allyson Mitchell's work was recently featured in FiberArts Magazine and it is sweet, sweet eye candy.

She has done a number of installations that are either rooms built out of old vintage Afghans, hook rugs, and hand made items or covered already existing rooms.

The spaces are bright, gorgeous, nostalgic, and make me think of my grandparents basement. and so on one hand I love them.

And if you read the article in FiberArts it is easy to make it sound like they are so much more then that- talking about issues of feminism, feminine craft, sexuality, and woman's bodies. But for me I am not sold. I never know how far work like this can go for me. Yes it is uber sumptuous and that is why it is worth sharing and I would totally enjoy seeing it in person but I also feel a little like it is a gimmick. More a part of the DIY sort of rebel identity then a really interesting artwork commenting on society.

And how do you view something that pulls at your eyes in the same way the consumer driven amazing Anthropologie window displays at Rockefeller Center do but don't take you any further.

Just a thought and also an opportunity to show you her interesting but..... work. See more here.


julochka said...

i have to admit that i fall for it hook line and sinker, as atmosphere, but i'd agree with you that i'm not sure i see any deeper feminism in it.

Joetta M. said...

i am a sucker too. but glad to know i am not alone in wanting a little more...